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Welcome to the Kracker Barrel. While here, you're free to post your questions, comments... whatever's on your mind. Think of it as a bulletin board for editorial stock photographers, where you can ask for help, give advice, or make announcements about issues of interest to other editorial photographers. Please include your first and last name. Any problems or concerns about the Kracker Barrel should be addressed to our Administrator at

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Mikael Karlsson
Freelance Photojournalist


Billy Barnes, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Morton Beebe, San Francisco, California
David Brownell, Andover, New Hampshire
James Cook , Saugatuck, Michigan
Dennis Cox, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Harry Cutting, Ft. Myers, Florida
Joe Farace, Brighton, Colorado
Spencer Grant, Laguna Hills, California
Jeremy Hoare, London, United Kingdom
Cliff Hollenbeck, Seattle, Washington
Jack Hollingsworth, Dallas, Texas
Bill Hopkins, Granada Hills, California
Brent Madison, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Bob Meier, St. Paul, Minnesota
Dale O'Dell, Prescott, Arizona
Allen Russell, Livingston, Montana
Michael Sedge, Ravenna, Italy
Brian Seed, Waukegan, Illinois
Lynn Seldon, Jr., Richmond, Virginia
Art Shay, Chicago, Illinois
Owen Swerkstrom, Spooner, Wisconsin
Robert Winslow, Durango, Colorado
Brian Yarvin, Edison, New Jersey
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  social Media - Can they use my photo without my consent? Alice Phillips  11/21/13 07:21PM 
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  I put up some ads for starters. 37  Ric Trexell  12/08/12 07:04AM 
Last Post by kbarrel
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